• CONSTRUCTION of buildings

    Construction of buildings is a new activity for the company. It involves all construction phases all the way to the „turnkey“ system.
  • DRYWALL construction

    Drywall construction is our specialty and we are the one of the leading constructors on the Croatian market.

    Technical fire protection system in construction relates to safety of users.
  • FINISHING works

    For wall filling and construction of load-bearing interior and exterior walls we mostly use block bricks and Ytong blocks. Plastering of interior and exterior walls is done manually and by machine.

ABOUT US / VD-mont

VD-MONT Ltd is a company specialised in construction. 


Our activities

engineering / construction / fire protection in construction / finishing works in construction

Project management

Our employees and associates have necessary knowledge, skills and experience on most challenging projects. Our aim is to provide the service of the highest quality to satisfy the need of our clients and to improve our project management system. 

Our references

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